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About the artist/author:
Mark A. Hicks is an award-winning artist and whimsical illustrator. Visit his website at www.MARKIX.net.

The Grand Canyon Adventure Book about John Wesley Powell

Picnic Day

The Picnic Day
By Mark A. Hicks

Join two bunnies on a fun picnic day in the country. 
Reading level: Baby-Pre-K  
24 pages. Full Color 8.25"x8.25"

ISBN: 1438215533  $9.95

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5 stars"My granddaughter absolutely loves this book."

5 stars"What a fun book for little ones."

Yawn Hello Bread Skip. Skip

Elwood's Plans Book Cover

L. Forteau at WanderingEducators.com

Ellwood's Plans
By Mark A. Hicks

Ellwood has big plans to play his guitar in a band.  This is something he has been planning for a long time. When the big band-tryout day finally arrives, Ellwood’s plans fall terribly apart.  But Ellwood meets a new friend along the way and learns that sometimes the day can turn out well even when things don’t go exactly as planned.
For ages 7-10   28 pages
 Full Color 8"x10" 
ISBN: 1448603455  
Ellwood's alarm clock went off... Ellwood brushed his teeth... ...began to sing in a big voice... Then he started for home...

Things I will teach you

The Things I will Teach You
By Gregoria Moran    Illustrated by Mark A. Hicks

A joyful children's book that celebrates some of the milestones occurring in a child and adult's lifetime and demonstrates the ways a parent, family member or caregiver can shape a person's life throughout--with love, commitment and involvement.  

Reading level: Baby- 6
 24 pages Full Color 8.5" x 8.5" 
ISBN-10: 147510233X 
The Things I will Teach You Page 2 The Things I will Teach You The Things I will Teach You page 5 The Things I will Teach You page 8

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